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Looking at all those couples pictures really makes me feel so lonely. I know that having a boyfriend or girlfriend mustn’t be a big deal. But for certain periods of time, it kinda is. I don’t know about you guys. But sometimes I just really want a boyfriend, pathetic (I know).

There are certain movies or series or even real life, that makes you wonder if you are not good enough for a guy or a girl, it is just so overwhelming having that thought. I know that our “half” is waiting for us somewhere out there, and he/she will come eventually to our lives. But meanwhile my head just creates this big fantasies about someone that is boyfriend material and its so perfect. And then reality smashes me and everything vanishes.

Maybe it’s just that I really need to go out. And I should probably need to stop watching all this rom-coms new films that are all over Netflix. I mean maybe that’s why I don’t get to know a lot of guys, right?

Everything is Kavinsky’s fault. Anyways, this is the tea. Bye.



To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

Movies & Series


Rom-Coms on Netflix are really getting into my skin lately. All of those unexpected couples getting together. I might sound so girly. But guys I need to be honest, I actually wished something like that could happen to me eventually.

“To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” I know this movie is so cliché right now, but I needed to talk about it! Everybody it’s loving it. Well, not everybody, but you know what I mean. I personally LOVED it so much. It was such a good plot and climax there. Maybe the chemistry between the actors helped a lot, but the story was good on its own. I  think that in general the way the characters were presented make the movie as good as it is.


In my personal opinion, I think that it has a little of cliché things, like the hot popular guy ends up liking the nerdy girl after she has a “makeover”. Despite, this one got some good things changed, like Lara Jean does not had a makeover, she was just herself and Peter liked her just the way she was. For me that was one of the most important things that this movie though me. Like you actually do not need to be the perfect popular girl or even boy to be liked by someone else. Just be yourself and the person that is going to be your boy/girlfriend should be proud of you, just the way you are. You don’t need to change or do things that you don’t want. You have to be secure and confident when you are trying new things, and you don’t have to lose yourself on the process.

The movie is good, and the way Peter acts with Lara Jean is just so beautiful. But the movie has something more than romance, its shows us all that we must be happy with the way we are and have fun along the way, but always staying true with what we  believe in. I’m really willing for the second part! Comment down below if you liked, loved or hated it! xox

For Those Ones With a Broken Heart…


I know what you are feeling. I know that you feel powerless. I know that the feeling of not knowing what to do, it’s tiring. And the fact that you want that person back no matter what is tearing your world apart. I know that you think that I actually don’t know the pain you’re struggling with. But I’ve experience that on my own way too.

Many people tend to say you have to forget about the person you’re missing. In part they are right. But it’s hard and is not so easy let go someone that made you feel loved and fearless. But with time and self care you’ll achieve it.

Experience makes you stronger. You learn along the years. You start knowing which kind of people you need to avoid. And which ones you can count on. The process of forgetting starts with forgiving. There’s something called mental peace. Mental peace is achieved when you’re fine with yourself. You start giving yourself more time, you are the priority.

When you think you can’t forgive. Breath and repeat “I forgive you, because I love myself. I forgive you, because I want to feel better. I forgive you because, I want to be free. I forgive you, because I love myself.”

Everyone has to live what they’ve lived. It’s the path of life. Even if it’s rough and horrible. There’s a rainbow in the end of the road. If you believe you’ll find that peace and you’ll feel better. You don’t depend on anyone, just yourself and you never have to feel bad because of someone who let you down. It’s part of growing up and you’ll get over it. Take your time. Everyone is different and heals in different timing. But be sure that once YOU BELIEVE THAT YOU CAN FORGIVE AND YOU DESERVE BETTER, YOU’LL FEEL FEARLESS AGAIN. Let that person go. You’ll find someone that will fill your heart again. Don’t be afraid to let those feelings go away. It’s okay. You’ll be okay.

Be patient and keep being strong. With time you’ll start experiencing what mental peace is. You’ll feel free and good again. Don’t worry, everything is going to be alright. Just believe in yourself and the major force that you believe in, will help you along to chose the right path.

Everyone It’s Worthy



Now a days I’ve seen a lot of hate on social media. People just talk without thinking what they are going to say. Mean comments are all over the web. Countries are losing their own minds and treat foreign people with hate and violence. Kids do not enjoy going to school because of the fear they have to bullies. Teens prefer to stay at home than explore the world.

Kindness should be winning against hate. But it seems that negativity and bad thoughts are powerful that positivity and happiness.

I’m not going to judge the world. But what I’m seeing is making me feel worried, cause many people is suffering. A lot of them at a young age. Suicide has increased a lot over the years and this really need to stop. Every single one of us is worthy, no matter the skin color, the height, the weigh, the country they’re from, they’re sexuality. Those are superficial things. What is really important is their soul and their actions, that is what matters, NOT THE WAY THEY LOOK!


Do not let anyone tell you how to dress, or what to eat. Do not let anyone tell you that you’re not intelligent or you are not smart enough. Cause believe me you are. Don’t let the haters discourage you, instead ignore them, let them talk.

I know it’s hard, not to let people let you down and make you feel less. Believe me, I’ve been there too. But whenever I think about those horrible things they have said to me, I just try to breath and thank those words, because I know that I’m not the way they say I am. I know what I’m worth. I know the way I act and most importantly I love myself for who I am. Don’t let strangers words define you, cause at the end the only words that should mind to you are your own. I believe in love, kindness, positivity and a better world.

With all my love, me.