My Hair Routine 2018

Beauty Routines

I previously shared my hair experience and all the struggles that I had during my childhood. If you wanna check that one out. This is the link: My Hair Story. Well, after that brief story I’ve been trying to find a hair routine along the years that could help my hair to look healthy. It’s been a while but I think I’ve finally found some products that really help my hair. I’ll try to include as much information as I can about my routine down below.

Firstly, I wash my hair every single day, cause it tends to get really oily. I’ve been using the reconstruit shampoo from L’bel, and it has been my favourite shampoo so far. I also use the conditioner reconstruit from the same brand and I leave it for 5 to 7 minutes so it can nourish the hair and do it’s magic. PD: Close the shower faucet, so you don’t spend so much water. TIP: Try to use both shampoo and conditioner. You will start seeing the difference. (Good Ones)

After I finish my shower I put on a fabric towel. FACT: It doesn’t damage as much as a common towel. I leave the fabric towel on until I’m already dressed. Later I get it off so my hair can dry naturally. When my hair is pretty dry I comb it with a little brush, put on some oil. I’m currently using the Tec Italy: Silk System Shine Fact: This is a shine and reconstruction product and make two braids on each side of my head and go to sleep.

Next day in the morning. I take off my braids and comb it again, and sometimes I straight it or leave it natural. It depends on the kind of stuff I’m doing during the day.

  1. When I straight it I use several products. Firstly my straightener is Starlight from GAMA Italy Professional. It is not an expensive product and it works really well on my hair. The preheat oil I use is the Tec Italy: Metarmorfosi Leave In Cream. I love the effect that this product gives to my straighten hair. And lastly I comb it with my regular brush from Conair.
  2. When I leave it curly aka natural. I just use the Tec Italy: Silk System Shine and some curly hair cream or a braided hairstyle.


  • Two times a month I try to use a Tea Tree shampoo by Just. This has helped me to get rid of any scalp problems and it also helps hair growth.
  • Moving on to the cutting part. I cut my hair 4 times a year. This is because I tend to have split ends. So cutting it keeps my hair naturally healthy. The length I cut it depends on the season. For example in spring I cut it like Edna Mode from the Incredibles. During other seasons I just cut like 3 or 4 fingers of hair.
  • I personally love it straight, but it’s a lot of heat on my hair. So I’ve been trying to make it more healthier by leaving it natural. And to be honest it is really working out.

Well that’s what my hair routine is about, I hope you find it helpful. If you want more information about the products I use do not hesitate to contact me.




Fitness Journey

Beauty Routines


I’m a lazy person. I’m not a working out girl. I prefer to lay on bed while I’m watching some Netflix and eating junk food. Unfortunately, that’s not as healthy as I would like it to be. During summer I’m trying to get out of my comfort zone, and try new things. Including exercising at least 3 times a week. I am a beginner, don’t judge lol.

I’m not a fitness guru or something like that. I just did a little research about exercises that were favorable for my type of body and some healthy meals that could help me through the journey. I watch a lot of Youtube videos, where I found pretty easy and healthy meals, also my routines are from there as well.

I have a treadmill on my room which is really helpful and my house has a little backyard where I can do my workout. I bought a little yoga mattress and some weights as well. My routine is simple. I’m not a big fan of exercise, so my workout is not that hard.

The first two weeks I did cardio and some beginners exercises with an app called Workout For Woman: Fitness App, which is a very helpful app and it’s free. The third week I started with the Youtube videos workouts and some Hiit cardio. The fourth week I combined the previous exercises and this week I am going to do the same thing.

The videos I use are from a Youtuber called Patry Jordan, she is an amazing person who publishes fitness videos in her GYM VIRTUAL channel. She also has a webpage where you can download her fitness calendar and follow your own journey or you can combine her videos and make your own routine.

Another Youtuber that I get my routines from is Nicolettaxo who has a beauty channel. She uploads tons of videos every single week and all of them are incredibly helpful.

And last but not least, my healthy recipes are from Remi Ashten. She is a youtuber as well, and her blog is about healthy lifestyle and beauty. Her recipes are delicious and easy to make.

Pinterest is an app that can help you get a lot of inspiration. I’ve been using it for a long time now and I always find what I want or need. You can check some recipes or workouts that I’ve save so far and try them or pin them.

This is my fitness journey, I hope you find the videos helpful. But if you want me to make a post where I include the exact video and cardio time that I’ve been doing each day or along the week, let me know on the comments below.



My Hair Story


The first thing I look when I wake up in the morning, it’s my hair. Most of you would think that I love it. But here’s the heartbreaking story. I used to hate my hair completely. Because of the way it looked, the way it was cut, the way the color was not as beautiful as other girls hair. I really, really HATED it.

Then one magical video popped out from my Facebook feed. It was a commercial about some girls that had cancer, and as a consequence they didn’t have hair. When I saw it, I wanted to cry so hard and so loud. I didn’t realise before that not everyone has the possibility of having hair, because of a disease or other problems. I could not believe or forgive myself for wasting my time hating my hair, when all I had to do was just learn how to make it look better, cause it is unique and beautiful the way it is.

After I saw the video. I proposed myself to start making changes. And start embracing the hair god gave me. I invite every single one of you guys, to love the way you are without any prejudices. You are beautiful the way you are and you just have to make your most beautiful features pop. I never judged my hair again after that video and I’m really grateful that god or the universe put it on my feed so I could see it and change my mind about my hair. Now I have beautiful and healthy hair, Ive also managed to have my own routine and it has worked pretty well so far.

I leave you guys the link of the video, if you want to see it. Embrace who you are. 💋


What I’ve been doing on Vacations?

Life Advice


Vacations, time to spend with family and friends. Time to do fun stuff, go and make some adventures, wild ones. That’s what we all want on those days, but must of us know that it’s not as true as we would like our vacations to be. I mean my vacations have consisted so far on doing, like, errm, nothing at all. Just you know watching YouTube videos, watching series and movies on Netflix and trying to pretend that I do something valuable.

They’ve also consisted on social media, which is like the main reason must of us do not get out of the house. I mean, I get it. I prefer spending my days tweeting about random stuff than go outside for a run. FYI I love twitter so much. And yeah I know what you are thinking, “you must be doing something beneficial for your life instead of being procrastinating all day along”. So that why I’ve been trying to find something that can help me to get out of my bed.

As my vacations have turn out to be a moth larger than I thought, I decided I needed to try new things. I know we all prefer lay in bed all day, eat an amazing meal, junk food and do nothing at all. But we have to keep it real. We need things to do, something better than watching shows all day without any interruptions.

That why I’m trying to do something out of my comfort zone and I’m going to share it with you. I started by writing down some things that I would really like to do while I’m on vacations.

  • Start writing more on the blog.
  • Doing some easy diy clothing or crafts.
  • Making space on my room, like cleaning and donating stuff I do not need anymore.
  • Try some new recipes, cause as some of you know I live abroad, so I like to cook my own meals.
  • Start a fitness journey or something like that. Personally I’m soooo lazy, like really really lazy. So this one is a hard one. I’m trying to make it work.
  • I love singing, so I’ve been trying all those karaoke apps, and they are quite interesting. My favourite is The Voice app so far, there’s a big collection of songs there and you can sing as a solo or with other people, it’s pretty cool actually and it’s totally free. If you like to sing check that one out!
  • Try new outfits with the clothes I already own. This one is pretty cool, cause I’m really into fashion, but sometimes I just don’t have the energy to put together some outfits, so when I feel like inspired I try to mix some clothes, and voila new outfits with same clothing.
  • I’m getting involved with makeup. This one is hard as well, cause this girl do not know a thing about makeup at all. I’ve been following some tutorials, and trying those beautiful looks, and till now I haven’t been successful at all. So I’ll keep it up.
  • Trying masks and have a glow up routine like 1 or 2 days a week.
  • And last but not least, I’m into meditation right now. So I’ve been trying to make a comfort environment and meditate for 20 minutes each day. It’s so relaxing and you feel so much better after you’ve done it.

Most things listed sound to easy to follow, but when you actually try to do them, laziness wins. So keep yourself inspired, and try new things out of your comfort zone. It will be so beneficial for you. As well you’ll be not that bored, I hope.

Also if you guys want to know some of the routines or recipes or anything at all, let me know in the comments & I’ll make a post as soon as I can about the topic you want.