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My Twitter Obsession 

Social Media, lots of apps that can connect every single human being with another one, we all have different preferences, sometimes we spend more time on twitter or in Facebook or Instagram or Snapchat or another social media app. 

I actually use all of them, but sincerely I rather prefer using twitter than the other ones, for me Twitter it’s a way to express my feelings in little quotes & showing my support to my favorite artists. 

I know that a follow or some likes do not say anything at all, but when I get that follow from my favorite artist I just can’t hide my shocked and extremely happy face, it actually happened when Shawn Mendes followed me 2 years ago, I was just so happy that I couldn’t help it, I have the honor to be followed by some of my favorite artists. 

When I saw that tweeting and liking other tweets helped you gain followers or likes I started using it more and more and more and more, some nights I actually didn’t even sleep cause I wanted to keep scrolling through the app and find out new feed, new stories, all those new Shawn Mendes Tweets. 

Maybe some of you can relate maybe you don’t, but damn! It took me like 4 months to leave my obsession for that app, really, I’m trying to control my tweets but a new guy Trevor favs my tweets so I just can’t stop writing stuff about him, but balance is what makes me feel better with my inner self 

If you like music, Shawn Mendes, movies and tv shows follow me guys! I’ll follow back ūüíē Twitter


Dear: Lost Friend 

Many things can change in a day, in an hour or in few minutes, we don’t know what’s gonna happen next, who we are going meet or who is going to forget about us.

Everything that happens it’s because of a reason, I would love to know the truth about almost every single word you used to say. I just want to know if all those conversations were real or just a part of your show.

I have to be honest with you, sometimes when I don’t have anything to do, I just look back to those days when we spent a lot of time together, told each other lots of things, joke around everything and even when we made future plans, those which were extremely crazy I have to admit, I miss you like a lot, but I can’t keep begging for you to come back when clearly you don’t want to.

I may have lost one of my best friends, but I can say that every single minute I spent with you was one of the best, even though the fights, the crying nights and the hard times and I don’t regret anything about it.

I wish you the best I can, I don’t want to leave you behind, but babe I have to, it’s for the best, I wish we could get back to those days, but sometimes not everything we wish comes true, be safe and care about you, cause I won’t let you come back to my life again.

Sincerely, the girl you used to call best friend.

“It’s going to be hard, but hard it’s not impossible”


Just Simple Mistakes 

Some situations can turn out to be extremely difficult, sometimes we think that life is just unfair, that we deserve better things, I know that being a teenager can be really difficult and people may not understand us at all.

But life it’s about knowing by yourself what we are here for, we need to learn from mistakes, each path we choose is what makes us who we are now, every single decision is for a reason, maybe for the moment we think that we don’t deserve what happened but at the end of the day we have to realize that somethings are just meant to be that way.

With the past of the years, I’ve learned that if I didn’t have made that mistakes I may not have learned about the situation, to me making mistakes it’s what makes us humans, with them we can know how life can be, it helps us to reach a new path, reach a good life, reach our objectives, don’t be mad at yourself forever about what you did, instead of being angry and frustrated all the time, try to encourage yourself to make a plan and revert that mistake into your favor, maybe it’s hard but you’ll realize that you inner peace will emerge as soon as you’re fine with your decisions and your mind will not make that mistake again.

Trust and think before you act, that can make a big difference while deciding your final option, take in count the risk and if at the end you didn’t choose the correct one, fix it and keep going with your life, because life it’s too short to worry about it all the time.



Things happen in an unexpected way, sometimes you decide what to do, sometimes you don’t.

I’m a teenager, I have anxiety problems which makes me vulnerable in certain situations, sometimes I just act in a deliberately way without thinking, sometimes I just over think every single thing I’m going through, or I would like to do.

There’s a big difference between imagination and over thinking, when I imagine there are actually good situations, every thing is placed in a positive way. On the other hand over thinking just makes me feel more anxious and insecure, there are just some nights I can’t get enough sleep and I just start to think and think till I can’t figure an emergency exit from it.

Sometimes it actually helps me to understand that not everything we do it’s the right thing, but there are those ones when you don’t even know the reason of why you did it and you just can get the idea out of your mind.

Lots of things happen in our daily life but we have to understand that we are humans and we’re not perfect, I forget that myself sometimes, but it’s just a real and deep quote for me. I know that sometimes situations get harder but we still need to try to go through them, because this is the life we are living and we’re here because this is our destination.

Always remember that life can put us a lot of obstacles and if we can go through them we’ll achieve everything we’ve always needed or wanted.

Dear Boys

I’ve got some question about how boys know what to do in some love situations how do they know what it’s the right thing to do and if it’s the right girl, I really sometimes don’t understand a thing of it, even though I have more guy friends than girl friends.

Maybe I’m overreacting or just being paranoid, when guys kiss a girl that it’s supposed to be a really good friend to you actually just did it because of the hormones or because you really wanted to do it.

I’ve been struggling with this actually, it has been a controversial topic between girls, we think that maybe we are the ones that give them the chance to do it, kiss us, but what does it really means to you guys, I know that we’re in the age of being around the world checking for the new ones to flirt with them, but when you already have a good boy-girl friendship and you just kissed does it really just have to go away every single thing done along all those last years or it’s just a paranoia thing some of the girls have.
I would like that some guys could tell us and helps us find what to do in this kind of situations, what it’s the best thing to do and why?

Stressed Out

We all have this days when we don’t know how to feel, we have a lot of stuff around our head, everything is just not going in our way, times passes us by & we don’t even notice about it, we are so occupied trying to fix our feelings, our thoughts, our little messed up world that we forget about living, we spend so much time thinking about what would life be if we’ve done something different, but the truth is that we can’t fix what we did, past is just right there, in the past, it’s GONE & we just have to get over it, no matter how hard it is to.

I’ve been waken up lots of nights trying to¬†figure out things from my life, but to be honest the only thing I can do is just stare at the roof & imagine the life which I would rather prefer to have, ruining all my sleeping schedule out for nothing.

I know that at some point all this stuff sucks, but we have to stop willing for things we can’t have, let’s focus on things that actually matters. Yeah, we lost a lover, we’ll find a new one, we lost a friend, if he/she was a real one they would not leave us, we lost a scholarship, work harder & show them you’re better than that, been a teenager can be devastating sometimes, but crap we have to get up, wash our faces and show the world what are we made of, if we just cry all day and night, we’re just showing how sensitive we are and belive it or not we’re actually giving up & letting them win.

Facing things can be a hurtful process but at the end we’ll see a great result & nothing will be more satisfying than realising how much you’ve done and achieved during those whole years of effort and those late nights with coffee cups beside our beds.

Life can give us lots of punches on the stomach, but at the end we learn about those & all of our mistakes are the things that makes us who we are now, we learn from them & we expect not to repeat them, cause we’re all humans & we totally have the right to mess up things, make mistakes, but mostly to realize that we are more than just a simple word or action or name or whatever, because we are awesome just the way we are.

Reading Open Our Minds


Books, millions and millions of books around the world about different topics, with different stories and all I can say is that at first I thought that it was an extremely boring activity, yeah, I thought that all the time, but recently a friend recommended me some books and challenged me to read them, she LOVES reading by the way, so I accepted the challenge.

At the end of the day she gave me the books so I could read them without buying them, it was a friday night when I started with it. I kept reading and reading till it was almost midnight, I never thought I could be able to read that much in just one night, next day I did the same, and on Sundays morning I realized that I had already finished the book  and it was amazing, for my luck there were 5 more to read, so I finished buying them and reading them all.

Why¬†I share this? Well,¬†I think that most of us don’t like reading that much, but by now I can tell you that reading can help you understand some things that happen in your life, sometimes you can relate to those amazing stories, and even though they are fictional ones, lovely ones or even supernatural ones,¬†they let you discover a different and completely new¬†world, something that may not be¬†real, but make you believe it is.

Books give you another chance to live, they let you discover what is¬†like to be¬†another person,¬†the way it could be if you change a simple¬†thing on your schedule, being part of a group or something else,¬†it also helps to increase our level of comprehension and our points of view, I’m not saying that we should be reading machines, but reading at least one book a month or a year can help in some way, take a chance to discover by yourself how a book can make you feel better, and show you another way to enjoy life¬†without even¬†leaving your bed.