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Love Triangle: Part II

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Still November, 2015

It was weekend time, I went to the mall to watch a movie with my cousin Brit, we were talking about how was our week at school, what we did and if he had a romantic relationship with someone, she told me about her new boyfriend and how funny he was, when my turn came I confesed that I wasn’t intrested in anyone at the moment, instead of that I told her about Jence’s cousin.

– So what do you think about Matthew?

– Well, he’s handsome and he seems nice, but I actually don’t know him, well it’s like knowing him, but not in a real way, I just know all of that because of what Jence say about him.

– Yeah, that’s right, but anyway maybe you would fall in love with him, instead of just wanting him as Jence say a friend.

– As if, it won’t happen.

We were interrumpted cause the film was already starting, we end up watching Insurgent movie with pop corns and some Ice, when the movie ended we went right to Hollister to buy some clothes we needed for a party at Brit’s house, that night we had a lot of fun, like really lots of fun.

Monday came and Matthew arrived to school, I didn’t notice until Jence told me to come over and introduce myself to him, obviously I ditched him out, that would be creepy, like really creepy, so Jence took me right to Matthew and I had to say hi, he introduced both of us, we started talking and Jence was just there watching and listening every single word we were saying.

Every single girl was amazed because the arrival of the new guy, he was the sensation, girls were trying to get Matthews attention at all cost, they were all over him asking questions and offering to stay and stick with them, Danielle and I were just watching and laughing of how messed up the other girls were, its was surprinsingly intresting how they can be so excited about one guy, just a random new guy.

Jence and I were talking when Matthew arrived, he sticked with us for a while but then he left cause the councelor asked him to go to her office, minutes latter Danielle came and we started talking about which artist we should do our proyect about Shawn Mendes or Justin Bieber, it was a long long talk…

When she left Jence started asking questions

– So, what do you think about Matthew?

– He’s nice and he seems pretty shy, just like me.

– Do you think he’s a good guy?

– A good guy? Like he doing his homework every day or good in ehich way?

– Don’t mess around me, you know what I mean.

– Well, I actually dont so be more specific.

*Ring bells*

– Come on Jence. we have to go to class.

– We will continue with this talk Clarissa you wont be saved by the bell next time


Love Triangle: Part I



Two guys, one girl, a lot of emotions and million of discussions, in a year a lot of things can happen, a lot of things can change, an important relation can be ruined and you can realize who your real friends are.


  • My best guy friend – Jence
  • The cousin – Matthew
  • Author, Me –  Clarissa
  • My best girl friend – Danielle

Chapter I

October, 2015

There was this boy, one of my best friends, we were talking as usually at the middle of the night, when he started to talk about a guy just like that so randomly, he told me lots of good things about him, his experiences and where he had already traveled. The next day, it was school day, we talked normally until he mentioned that guy again, we were in french class when he told me that the guy he was talking about yesterday was his cousin and he was going to get into our high school, at first I just say that it was cool, because of the things he told me it seemed that he was an interesting guy, then I just realized that I knew a lot about him without even knowing who he was, so I asked why he told me all of that, and he just said that he wanted me to be his cousins friend.

November, 2015

Days pass by until we saw this guy presenting the entrance exam in the guiding counselors office, I just commented that the guy was good-looking, when we kept walking to our classroom Jence told me that he was his cousin, so I just shut and keep walking until we arrived to the classroom when Jence tried to talk to me about what I said before, I just changed the conversation talking about a movie. At the end of the day Jence sent me a message asking if I really thought that his cousin was good-looking, I had to admit that he really was, so I just said yes, and that was the key word that changed everything…

Shawn Mendes 

There’s a billion of people in the whole world, from different countries, with different languages & different opinions. But there’s someone out there that can catch our eyes in few seconds, even though we only saw them through a computer or a mobile screen.

We all have an artist or actress that makes us insane! For example for me Shawn Mendes is my favorite person and artist in the whole world!

Shawn is one of the most talented guys I’ve ever seen, his debut albums are just amazing, his songs describe teenagers life completely, those lyrics make me feel like someone actually understands everything I’m going through.

His voice is one of the most calming thing I’ve ever heard, I actually use his voice when I have my panic attacks, it just relaxes me & I actually can feel better.

I want to meet him so bad, he has helped me a lot through my rough times, even though I don’t even know him, I have his voice, songs and lyrics. I want to say that he’s my hero besides daddy obviously, and he has grown a lot since his first cover video on vine.

He really inspires me every single day, he’s an amazing kid, with lots of talent, and an extremely big heart, he loves his fans and we all love him back, I’m very proud of him, he has achieved a lot and he still remember where he came from no matter what.

I gotta say that one of my favorite song it’s A Little Too Much, I get related to it, and it just make me realized that I’m not the only one that went through that stage, it helps me a lot, so I consider it one of my favs.

“Sometimes it all gets a little too much, but you gotta realize that soon the dog will clear up”

Best Friends 

We all have that one best friend that appeared from nowhere, the one that you never thought that could actually be your best friend, and if you haven’t… wait for it, one day, the most unexpected day someone will walk from that door & a new friendship would start going on.
Here’s a list which I made out by researching on We Heart It & Pinterest, maybe this can be your best friend goals wish list too:

  • Buy matching bracelets or necklaces.
  • Have a movie marathon.
  • Go on a shopping spree.
  • Fishtail your hair together.
  • Have a sleepover.
  • Have photo shoots together.
  • Start a book of memories.
  • Go on a road trip.
  • Recreate Best Friends photos from Social Media.
  • Have a road trip.
  • Have a paint fight.
  • Use the same outfit.
  • Have a fancy dinner on Christmas.
  • Make a Karaoke afternoon.
  • Have a midnight conversation about your feelings.
  • Let each other chose an outfit & use it for a day, without changing anything.
  • Do each others makeup.
  • Get matching tattoos (including henna ones 😂)

This can also be for a group of friends, or family, it’s doesn’t really matter,what matter is that you have a great time with all your pals, have fun & enjoy every single minute you’re surrounded by all of those who you love.

If you have more goals to complete go ahead, also you can comment down below and share me some of the goals you want me to include. Also I create a collection on my We Heart It Account, if you wanna check it out I’ll leave the link here Best Friend Goals.

Don’t give up if you haven’t found those best friends, one day you’ll realize that they’ve been there all the time, just take a minute and figure out who the real ones are.

New Year, New Me!

NYE 2017.jpg

New Year one of the most expected times, it’s the beginning of a new adventure, we all want to begin again and forget about our mistakes, for us the arrival of NYE is the representation of a new person and new goals.

I know that maybe, new year, new me it’s a little bit over used, and yeah maybe it is, but this year I really want to make and start with new things, I want to be a better person than the one I used to be in 2016, try those things that I’ve never done before, I don’t want to forget my mistakes from the last year, because actually those mistakes are going to help me this year so I do not repeat them again.

This 2016 I realized who my real friends are, the ones who are going to be there for me till the end of times, I had a rough time during the last year, so I’m actually going to make an effort so this year can be a better one than the last one, I learned a lot of things and it’s time to start figuring out what I want my future to be like, I’m actually going to try harder this year to reach every single resolution I’ve made, and if in the way along this journey more resolutions come along I’ll try to reach them too.

Maybe this year is going to be harder in my country, but if I keep trying and willing for what I want I’ll actually reach my goals. I’ve figured out that having millions of friends sometimes is just something superficial, I’m happy with my little groups of friends I know I can count on them and they can count on me always & that’s what matters, I also have my family, those incredible people who are going to hold and help you through every circumstances. I really want to nail this 2017, and I’ll do my best to make it one of the best years.

Happy New Year to everyone, hope you had a great one, my best wishes for every single human being reading this and keep trying till you reach your goals, we all can nail this year, this 2017, we just have to work hard and trust in ourselves!  🎉❤️