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Looking at all those couples pictures really makes me feel so lonely. I know that having a boyfriend or girlfriend mustn’t be a big deal. But for certain periods of time, it kinda is. I don’t know about you guys. But sometimes I just really want a boyfriend, pathetic (I know).

There are certain movies or series or even real life, that makes you wonder if you are not good enough for a guy or a girl, it is just so overwhelming having that thought. I know that our “half” is waiting for us somewhere out there, and he/she will come eventually to our lives. But meanwhile my head just creates this big fantasies about someone that is boyfriend material and its so perfect. And then reality smashes me and everything vanishes.

Maybe it’s just that I really need to go out. And I should probably need to stop watching all this rom-coms new films that are all over Netflix. I mean maybe that’s why I don’t get to know a lot of guys, right?

Everything is Kavinsky’s fault. Anyways, this is the tea. Bye.



To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

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Rom-Coms on Netflix are really getting into my skin lately. All of those unexpected couples getting together. I might sound so girly. But guys I need to be honest, I actually wished something like that could happen to me eventually.

“To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” I know this movie is so cliché right now, but I needed to talk about it! Everybody it’s loving it. Well, not everybody, but you know what I mean. I personally LOVED it so much. It was such a good plot and climax there. Maybe the chemistry between the actors helped a lot, but the story was good on its own. I  think that in general the way the characters were presented make the movie as good as it is.


In my personal opinion, I think that it has a little of cliché things, like the hot popular guy ends up liking the nerdy girl after she has a “makeover”. Despite, this one got some good things changed, like Lara Jean does not had a makeover, she was just herself and Peter liked her just the way she was. For me that was one of the most important things that this movie though me. Like you actually do not need to be the perfect popular girl or even boy to be liked by someone else. Just be yourself and the person that is going to be your boy/girlfriend should be proud of you, just the way you are. You don’t need to change or do things that you don’t want. You have to be secure and confident when you are trying new things, and you don’t have to lose yourself on the process.

The movie is good, and the way Peter acts with Lara Jean is just so beautiful. But the movie has something more than romance, its shows us all that we must be happy with the way we are and have fun along the way, but always staying true with what we  believe in. I’m really willing for the second part! Comment down below if you liked, loved or hated it! xox

Getting Out Of My Clothing Comfort Zone.

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I’ve been into this thing where I try to get out of my comfort zone and I try new things. I think it can help me to see the other part of life, you know what I mean? Today, I decided it was time for me to be a little bit risky with my clothing. I am not meaning like going topless or something crazy like that. Baby steps, guys. But I went out in a dress. All of you girls & even boys must be laughing out so hard that you could not even be able to breathe. I know that wearing dresses is just like the most normal piece of clothing for college and it sounds so pathetic, even now I see how pathetic that sounds.

Lets begin with a little background… I had a hard adolescence, between my 14 and 17 years. I used to be the girl who never knew how dressing good meant. My outfits consisted on jeans, sneakers and a sweatshirt, that’s all. So when I was in senior year of highschool I realized I really needed to change my wardrobe and try some new clothing pieces. I started getting involved in more girly and hipster outfits, and I really loved it! I always wanted to try wearing a dress or shorts for school, but I never did until today. I am so self-conscious of the way my body looks and sometimes I just really hate the way I look. But I try to be as positive as I can…

Well, now that you know that part of me you can see why I am not so confident on wearing dresses or things that show skin. While I was getting dressed I put on my dress and I was so ready, and at the last-minute I didn’t wanted to go out. Like I was so self-conscious that I came back and change with some jeans. After a while I told myself that I needed to get through this fear, and I needed to do it no matter what. And I have to be really honest, cause after I went out to class I felt so self-conscious, and I was terrified. After a while I started to concentrate on the class instead on what I was wearing, It worked. When I came into my dorm, my friends started to say that I looked pretty good. And that they liked the way I styled my outfit. I felt so good with those comments.

What did I learned from this experience? I think that the most important thing is that when you feel good with the way you look, you actually radiate that confidence in your face and when others look at you they see that. I also discovered that if I give a little percentage more on my everyday outfits I can actually pull off many of them. I think that doing this little challenges, that might be absurd for some people, can change the way you feel completely and can make you feel better about yourself. I’m really looking forward to try a completely different outfit soon.

How To Make Friends In College?

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I have to admit, I am not a social person and I do not have a bunch of friends. I’m in college as some of you know. And it has been a pretty amazing journey, I have to admit. This is my second year in college and I think I’m better (socially talking) than I was back in the first year.

Well, first of all. I am a shy girl and for that certain reason I cannot talk with people just out of nowhere. Usually, people talk to me first and then I try to continue the conversation. TIP: If you continue the conversation, it can make a huge difference and people can actually talk to you again.  

Mostly the first day in college everyone is trying to make new friends. It is a good opportunity to socialize and meet new people. You’ll make a bunch of friends in the introductory course, but don’t worry if you don’t. Along the year you’ll find yourself getting along with a lot of people and I mean when I say: A LOT! TRICK: Try to compliment people with something about them. It always works & the conversation begins. 

If you live in the college dorms, that will make your life a little bit easier. Cause you know, you’ll have to get along with the people you are going to live with the whole semester or year. TIP: Always be respectful with your roommates things. Also make sure you ask how their day went or something similar, friendships can begin out of nowhere. 

BE CONFIDENT WITH YOURSELF. If you feel confident you’ll rule everything. I know that for shy people it’s really difficult to talk to other ones. Believe me I was, and I’m a little bit there now as well. So don’t be afraid. It will pass eventually. But if you really think you need someone to help you, continue reading…

  • Make sure you have a good mood the first day, remember that you facial gestures can provide a lot of information. So don’t be mad or sad or overwhelmed the first day.
  • Usually if you are on your phone the whole class or activity, people will not be able to talk to you. So try not to use that much your phone, try to interact instead.
  • If someone takes a seat next to you, try asking something about themselves. It can start a conversation. Or even begin just saying “Hello!”.
  • I know the struggle when it comes to group assignments and you don’t know anybody. Try to ask if you can be with someone who is sitting around you. Usually they are on the same page, so don’t be embarrassed.
  • There’s always going to be extroverted people on your classes, so if they talk to you, don’t be closed-minded and try to follow their lead. You’ll make friends if you stick with people like them.
  • Always be sure of who you want to spend time with. Remember its better having few but real friends than a bunch but fake friends.
  • Dress with clothes that make you feel good, it will radiate light and a beautiful smile on your face.
  • Do not hesitate if someone wants to introduce you to some friends. Unless, you don’t like the vibe. TIP: Always make sure that you really want to do this or that. 
  • If your college has a sport team and you are good and like that type of sport, try joining.
  • When people smile at you while you are walking smile back.
  • ALWAYS THINK POSITIVE! Please guys, if you think with positiveness, that’s what you’ll get.
  • GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE! This is actually the first thing that you’ll need in your to do list, like for life in general. At first it’s scary, like really. But with time you’ll start seeing results and you’ll never feel the same. Take advantage of all the opportunities that college gives to you. Maybe those experiences will never be back.

But my biggest tip is: Enjoy every single day like it was the last one. Friends will come along eventually, don’t be disappointed. If you’re a good person and believe in yourself great things will happen. Always be proud of who you are. That’s the key.

Well I hope this tips can be useful for everyone and if you know more tips or tricks, please write them on the comments below. We all need them. Anyways, enjoy college or high school or life. You all deserve it. xoxox