What is Forgiveness for Me?

Forgiveness is the chance that you give to yourself to breathe, to live and to be happy. Forgiveness is the way to find your true inner self. Forgiveness is hard and sometimes you’ll think it is impossible.

I’ve been there. I’ve been in a position where all I want is revenge. I’ve wished that they knew how it was like to be treated like they are not worthy. I’ve been in that path, where my mind just thinks about all the horrible things that could have happened to my past bullies. However, overtime and with guidance I’ve been learning about self esteem and self love. My vengeance was to prove something to them, not to me. I was making them a priority. I was wasting my time thinking about them, when I should be thinking and focusing on myself.

Life can get us through rough, difficult, unexpected situations. But every single stone that we face, is just one part of the path. We can decide if we get stuck in there or we walk around it, face it, forgive it for wasting our time, and just thanking cause we learned something from it and walk away with our heads held high.

Forgiveness is a special tool. It gives you the power over your life. It gives you peace of mind. Positivity radiates on your body. And a smile will come out in your face. You know my method to forgive varies depending on the situation, but two things that have really helped me are:

  1. Write down every single negative thought that has crossed your mind, if you have the urge to cry, go ahead and cry. If you want to laugh, go ahead and laugh. Let every feeling come out of your body. When you think you’re done. Burn or cut or through the piece of paper where you write on all those horrible thoughts. After you do that, a breeze of peace and happiness will get inside your body.
  2. Find yourself in a room where you can be alone for a moment, a short or long moment, you decide. Talk out loud and say everything you wanted to say to the people that treat you in a bad way. Say what your mind has been trying to tell them. Cry if you need it, laugh if you need it, leave every negative thought out of your body. When you’re done saying what you need to say. Talk to the mirror, and as awkward as it sounds , it would help. Believe me. Tell the mirror beautiful things, tell it that you forgive it, tell it that you know what it’s worth, tell it how happy it looks, tell it that it can do whatever it wants to do, tell it to be brave and to let go. Every positive thought that’s comes to your mind needs to be said in front of the mirror. Everything you say to the mirror is actually for you. You’re the reflection in the mirror, and you are the best thing that happened to you. You don’t need anyone to tell you that, just yourself.

Forgiveness doesn’t relates with hate, it relates with LOVE and KINDNESS. Forgiving is not allowing people to say or act in a negative way repeatedly. Instead it is the power that you’re keeping from them. Their words would not affect you anymore if you forgive, you’ll forget.

Sometimes people doesn’t analyze how bad words can affect others. Sometimes it is not intentional. But that doesn’t mean it is correct. Every time you want to say something to someone think before you say it. You never know how hard it will hit someone.


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