Learning About Body Positivity

Body stereotypes are everywhere. We see them on Tv, on series, on movies, on magazines and even every single day in school. Our society has created a stereotype for everything, we all are supposed to have a certain height, certain weight, certain hair, etc.

I tried to stop comparing myself to other people, but sometimes it was just inevitable. I used to walk around high school or the mall and there were some really pretty girls out there. I came back to home and I started scrolling on Pinterest and boards of perfect girls popped. I turned on Netflix and the actresses looked stunningly amazing.

Every time that feeling of self embarrassment came to my mind it was devastating. I have to admit, I’ve been working hard on this and it hasn’t been easy. I got discouraged so many times. I started to isolate from society and my friends. I just wanted to be alone on my room. I used to wear baggy clothing and extremely big sweatshirts. I was feeling so shitty. I used to be so frustrated when my hair or my clothing were not perfect. I used to cry at night cause I thought I would never be beautiful. It was a really hard journey. Until one day I woke up in my college dorm room and realize that it was not worth it. I was so done with being embarrassed of myself. I needed to prove myself, not anyone else, that I WAS GOOD ENOUGH. I AM PERFECTLY FINE WITH THE WAY I LOOK.

After that feeling of fearless got stuck on my mind. I started to buy clothes that would actually fit me, clothes that would make me feel good. I started eating healthier. I started with a fitness journey . And not because I needed to, it was because I wanted to and health is important. I started making new friends, people who likes me the way I am and I look. I started being happy and confident again. Obviously, there are still several days when I don’t feel that confident on my skin. I wake up in the morning and I see myself on the mirror and I hate what I see. But I breath and tell myself I’m beautiful and I don’t have to be ashamed of my body. And it works, every single time.

Fortunately much more people are starting to be conscious of this problematic issue, that may not affect physically, but mentally it destroys. I’m really willing to help people who has been struggling with this issue. I hope that with my experience you guys learn something. I’m not a therapist or anything professional, but I’ve had some experience on the field. If you want to talk, my contact page is always open for everyone. Surround yourself with positive people, and get away from those who make you feel bad. Embrace your bodies and every single feature of yourselves, xoxox.



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