My Fashion Journey

I love fashion, and everything that comes with it. I started with this amazing connection with clothing and style when I was 17 years old. Not that long, I know. But it’s been a good journey since then.

The moment I watched “The devil wears PRADA” I knew I was going to love fashion. I started watching Youtube videos about style, clothing hauls, makeup, etc. I really enjoyed watching those, I still do. I never had a style actually. My “style” consisted on sweatshirts, jeans and sneakers. Every single day that was my outfit. Those pieces of clothing were not that flattering, they’re comfortable and useful when you think you have nothing to wear. But I was getting tired of the same outfits every single day. I’m not saying those pieces of clothing should not be wear every single day, but for me they were no longer the way I wanted to dress.

I started looking for good fashion stores. Stores that could be affordable and I would not have to spend that much money on a new wardrobe. I found Forever 21, Shasa, H&M, Lefties,  Bershka, American Eagle, among others. I took a visit to them and I found some pieces that were flattering. I bought a bunch of basic clothes and accessories. I tried to find my personal style and I’m still trying to figure it out. Since that day, whenever I go to one of those stores. I try to buy staples pieces of clothing that can go with everything and make me feel confident. Skirts, dresses and shorts were never a thing I would buy. But I’m trying this get out of your clothing comfort zone challenge, so I’ve been dealing with those pieces of clothing for now.

I personally love Victoria Justice outfits, her style is so cool. She’s the one I get inspired when I don’t know how to combine certain items. Other thing that helps me keep inspired are youtubers that have style lookbooks, those are useful as well. They really give you some ideas. I love Sarah Betts, Jeanine Amapola, Tess Christine, Bethany Mota, Miss Alex, among others. They have a cool, relax style and you can see their outfits on their instagrams. Pinterest is also perfect to get some outfit ideas, for any occasion. For now, that’s how I’ve been figuring out the way I want to dress. Of course my style is not as good as I wish it was. But I think I’ve been putting some effort and I will achieve my goal one day soon.


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