My First Psychologist Appointment

I was not feeling my best a month and a half ago. I was really annoyed by everyone and everything, that’s why I haven’t posted. I think it’s been like a month ago from now when I decided it was time for me to ask for help. In my college there is a free service for those ones who want some guidance with a psychologist. So I went and made an appointment. I thought it was only going to be one session, but instead, I ended up being scheduled for 8 sessions. At first, I was worried that I had a serious problem, but after the several questions that they asked, we realised that I was pretty stable.

My diagnostic was I had a little episode of anxiety but it was all emotional. My psychologist told me that the feeling of hating everything and everyone was because I was not expressing myself. I was shutting every single door of friendship, and I was not letting people being around me, talking about boys and girls in general.

The first session was to discover the focal problem point. We ended up deciding that the principal problem was my lack of emotion communication and my lack of letting myself feel. The second session she send a me a book so I could read it and learn some tips for self-esteem. The book is pretty great, I really learned a lot.

Until the fifth session we changed the topic. Now the topic to work on was BOYS. As funny as it sounds, I’ve only had one boyfriend in my whole life. I’m 19 now, and I really do not have that much experience on that topic, so the psychologist thought it could be a good topic to learn about.

To clarify, the experience that I’m having is related to let guys talk to me. Not other naughty things. The challenge my psychologist gave me, was to let more guys get closer *just to talk, nothing more* and try to continue with a common conversation. I don’t know if I am doing it right, but at least this week I’ve talked to 15 guys I guess from my different classes. I don’t know how good is that, but I’m gonna see that my next session.

That is the update till now, gonna continue it when the sessions come to an end.


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