How To Make Friends In College?

I have to admit, I am not a social person and I do not have a bunch of friends. I’m in college as some of you know. And it has been a pretty amazing journey, I have to admit. This is my second year in college and I think I’m better (socially talking) than I was back in the first year.

Well, first of all. I am a shy girl and for that certain reason I cannot talk with people just out of nowhere. Usually, people talk to me first and then I try to continue the conversation. TIP: If you continue the conversation, it can make a huge difference and people can actually talk to you again.  

Mostly the first day in college everyone is trying to make new friends. It is a good opportunity to socialize and meet new people. You’ll make a bunch of friends in the introductory course, but don’t worry if you don’t. Along the year you’ll find yourself getting along with a lot of people and I mean when I say: A LOT! TRICK: Try to compliment people with something about them. It always works & the conversation begins. 

If you live in the college dorms, that will make your life a little bit easier. Cause you know, you’ll have to get along with the people you are going to live with the whole semester or year. TIP: Always be respectful with your roommates things. Also make sure you ask how their day went or something similar, friendships can begin out of nowhere. 

BE CONFIDENT WITH YOURSELF. If you feel confident you’ll rule everything. I know that for shy people it’s really difficult to talk to other ones. Believe me I was, and I’m a little bit there now as well. So don’t be afraid. It will pass eventually. But if you really think you need someone to help you, continue reading…

  • Make sure you have a good mood the first day, remember that you facial gestures can provide a lot of information. So don’t be mad or sad or overwhelmed the first day.
  • Usually if you are on your phone the whole class or activity, people will not be able to talk to you. So try not to use that much your phone, try to interact instead.
  • If someone takes a seat next to you, try asking something about themselves. It can start a conversation. Or even begin just saying “Hello!”.
  • I know the struggle when it comes to group assignments and you don’t know anybody. Try to ask if you can be with someone who is sitting around you. Usually they are on the same page, so don’t be embarrassed.
  • There’s always going to be extroverted people on your classes, so if they talk to you, don’t be closed-minded and try to follow their lead. You’ll make friends if you stick with people like them.
  • Always be sure of who you want to spend time with. Remember its better having few but real friends than a bunch but fake friends.
  • Dress with clothes that make you feel good, it will radiate light and a beautiful smile on your face.
  • Do not hesitate if someone wants to introduce you to some friends. Unless, you don’t like the vibe. TIP: Always make sure that you really want to do this or that. 
  • If your college has a sport team and you are good and like that type of sport, try joining.
  • When people smile at you while you are walking smile back.
  • ALWAYS THINK POSITIVE! Please guys, if you think with positiveness, that’s what you’ll get.
  • GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE! This is actually the first thing that you’ll need in your to do list, like for life in general. At first it’s scary, like really. But with time you’ll start seeing results and you’ll never feel the same. Take advantage of all the opportunities that college gives to you. Maybe those experiences will never be back.

But my biggest tip is: Enjoy every single day like it was the last one. Friends will come along eventually, don’t be disappointed. If you’re a good person and believe in yourself great things will happen. Always be proud of who you are. That’s the key.

Well I hope this tips can be useful for everyone and if you know more tips or tricks, please write them on the comments below. We all need them. Anyways, enjoy college or high school or life. You all deserve it. xoxox


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