Tips & Tricks for College Freshmen.

It’s back to school season and a lot of us are heading off to college. Some will be heading off for the first time, and others will be heading off back again. Starting college can be as much as exciting as frightening.

Last year I head off to college for the first time. Along the year I learned a lot of things related to different situations. As easy as going to classes and as difficult as preparing a healthy meal for yourself.

First things first: You can deal with everything that happens along your college experience. You don’t need to be afraid. Live and learn about this amazing phase. This tips or advice are just things that worked for me during my stay in college and are still working.  The word college will be popping in this post A LOT. 


  • Your schedule will be given by your college the first semester. This is going to be according to the degree your going to major. Unfortunately it’s not gonna happen again in future semesters and you’ll have to enrol your own subjects. TIP: You need to check different types of schedule that can work for you. Check your degree study plan so you are aware of which subjects you should check out and which you shouldn’t.
  • Be prepared with all your school supplies. TIP: College doesn’t work anymore like highschool. So you are not going to use a lot of school stationery supplies. Don’t spend a lot on stationery items. For all the school supplies lovers, I get you. It is devastating.
  • There’s not a lot of working space on your dorm desk. All your papers and school supplies will be all over the desk area. This can be a little annoying, because the amount of space left to do homework or projects will not be enough. TIP: Buy on budget desk organizers. Those will work perfectly and will save a lot of space.            5c8672f20bdd25dcf842200bcde3f70f 11-desk-organization-hacks-feature       
  • When it comes about homework and projects. Be sure to know the exact day of delivery of each assignment. This is crucial, usually this type of work is high part of your grade. TIP: Buy an agenda to write down every single assignment and the final date that you will need to hand it over. If this doesn’t work for you, write it down on your phone and put a reminder on. 
  • In college most of the projects will be done on your laptops. TIP: Make sure you have a clean desktop. Make different folders for each subject so you have all your work organized. 
  • Take time to learn more about your professors. They will be an important part during the year.
  • Make time to socialize and make good friends. You never know what experiences you can have with them. TIP: Be friendly and kind. 


  • You MUST know which things you’ll need to bring to college. Cause believe me if you forget something essential you’ll regret it so much. TIP: Check different lists from websites or apps like pinterest so you can have an idea of which things you should bring. In case you are not packing something essential those lists will remind you. You can also check my dorm room haul where I made a list of my college essentials. TRY NOT TO OVER-PACK!
  • Your bed is going to be your life saviour. So make sure it’s always neat. TIP: Make your bed as soon as you wake up. This will make your room look clean. 
  • Try to have a clean space. If you have a messy dorm you might not find what you need as easy as it should be. Why this? Cause the dorms are very small. TIP: Make a deep cleaning at least one day a week. Even if you just sweep it, the dorm will feel so much better. 
  • Roommates will be part of your college life. I know there are some colleges where you can have an individual dorm room or you can have a share dorm room.
    • Individual Dorm: Usually the ones that have one dorm room will be sharing the floor with other people. TIPS: Make sure you have a good relationship with the girls or boys you are living with. Try NOT to leave expensive or important things out of your own room. Don’t make a mess and try not to break the rules. RESPECT each other things. If you leave something on the common room of the floor make sure it has your name (I know this sounds like preschool, but BELIEVE. You’ll thank me later)
    • Shared Dorm: I personally do not have experience on this one, but here are some of my friends experiences. TIPS: Keep your side clean and always make sure you do not disturb your partner. Be patient and try to make a good relationship with the person you are going to live with for a year. 
  • We all love decor. Well not all of us, but for the ones out there. I got you! Usually dorm rooms are pretty small, so there’s not like a lot of space to decor at all. TIPS: Buy little frames or make your own. Little Polaroids do not affects anyone. Buy cute bedding and pillows and that will make a huge difference. Make sure to bring color items so it looks bright and joyful. Bring some home items, for those times when you feel homesick.

I think those are the most important things. If you think I missed something comment down below. And I’ll write about it in my next post. HOPE YOU ALL HAVE AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE IN COLLEGE! xo


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