Getting Out Of My Clothing Comfort Zone.

I’ve been into this thing where I try to get out of my comfort zone and I try new things. I think it can help me to see the other part of life, you know what I mean? Today, I decided it was time for me to be a little bit risky with my clothing. I am not meaning like going topless or something crazy like that. Baby steps, guys. But I went out in a dress. All of you girls & even boys must be laughing out so hard that you could not even be able to breathe. I know that wearing dresses is just like the most normal piece of clothing for college and it sounds so pathetic, even now I see how pathetic that sounds.

Lets begin with a little background… I had a hard adolescence, between my 14 and 17 years. I used to be the girl who never knew how dressing good meant. My outfits consisted on jeans, sneakers and a sweatshirt, that’s all. So when I was in senior year of highschool I realized I really needed to change my wardrobe and try some new clothing pieces. I started getting involved in more girly and hipster outfits, and I really loved it! I always wanted to try wearing a dress or shorts for school, but I never did until today. I am so self-conscious of the way my body looks and sometimes I just really hate the way I look. But I try to be as positive as I can…

Well, now that you know that part of me you can see why I am not so confident on wearing dresses or things that show skin. While I was getting dressed I put on my dress and I was so ready, and at the last-minute I didn’t wanted to go out. Like I was so self-conscious that I came back and change with some jeans. After a while I told myself that I needed to get through this fear, and I needed to do it no matter what. And I have to be really honest, cause after I went out to class I felt so self-conscious, and I was terrified. After a while I started to concentrate on the class instead on what I was wearing, It worked. When I came into my dorm, my friends started to say that I looked pretty good. And that they liked the way I styled my outfit. I felt so good with those comments.

What did I learned from this experience? I think that the most important thing is that when you feel good with the way you look, you actually radiate that confidence in your face and when others look at you they see that. I also discovered that if I give a little percentage more on my everyday outfits I can actually pull off many of them. I think that doing this little challenges, that might be absurd for some people, can change the way you feel completely and can make you feel better about yourself. I’m really looking forward to try a completely different outfit soon.


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