Nobody Feels Themselves

There are lots of articles and tweets among the web about famous people. They are having break downs. They are not feeling themselves. They are not inspired anymore. They feel powerless. They just want a little bit of time without the cameras and everyone watching them.

I mean a random person would think and ask “Why they say they are not happy, if they have a dream job and do whatever they want. They have enough money to buy an entire country. They live like kings and queens without worries” I have to be honest. I’ve said that. Buy I’ve never realized how hard it is for some of them. Cause unfortunately most of us don’t get to see the big picture.

I saw a movie called Be Somebody on Netflix. The movie it’s about a famous guy that it’s tired of doing what managers tell him and the big crowds that don’t let him rest for a minute. It’s a really good movie if you want to understand what artist have to go through their journey of success.

I thought for a while about what the movie wanted to say. If it was real or just one hour and a half of entertainment for the viewers. I realized that actually it can be very realistic. For example; I’m a huge fan of Shawn Mendes, he’s a guy that has a lot of fans, he’s music is amazing and he’s such a caring guy. Unfortunately he has anxiety problems. Personally I know how hard it is to deal with anxiety. Imagine feeling it when he needs to perform in front of an excited crowd of people. I mean that must be horrible. All that pressure of performing as best as you can, so your fans don’t get disappointed. (I get both parts, fans pay a lot of money to see their favorite artist performance, and yeah it could be horrible if your artist is not doing a good job)

Another example, Alisha Marie, a girl that has a YouTube channel and try to inspire people through her videos. But she feels uninspired. I mean how can you inspire someone if you’re not inspired at all. And she’s not the only one, I’ve seen tweets from LaurDIY, Caroline Tucker, Tiffany, Remi Ashten, Sierra Schultzzie; and they need space, they have to battle their own demons and they also need time to heal themselves.

“Pressure of fans can be overwhelming” as some of famous people say. I might not understand what being famous is, cause I’m not lol. But I know how loud fans can be, I mean I know their fans are the ones that make them success besides their talent. But maybe sometimes it’s so hard for them. They are normal people and need space sometimes.

Most of you might be thinking why I care about this or what is exactly my point. Well, I want people to be happy and to be grateful for what they have. I wish fans could understand how hard it might be for some celebs to be where they are and not give up. They’ve worked hard to be there and they want to help, entertain, inspire people. I mean the support should be there. But support and not hate. Support doesn’t mean being harassing artists or celebs in general. It means being on their highs and lows. It should be about positivity and love. Not talk because you can. Not offend because you can. We don’t know what’s really happening on their lives. Let’s not judge because of what our eyes can see. Cause there’s a lot we can’t see.

And this is not only for Celebs. Every single person out there that has an account on Twitter or Facebook or Instagram has followers. And comments should be about positivity, and not judgement. We need to start spreading more love and kindness not only for celebs but for everyone in general. I really want celebs to keep doing their jobs. Inspiring and creating new amazing things. I’m huge fan of several celebs, shows, movies, songs, etc. But I’m trying to stop dm them or getting angry because they don’t notice me. I mean it’s hard guys. All of those who like to fangirl might get me. They receive millions of comments, likes, dms, tags. Obviously they’re not gonna notice every single one of us. Be patient, one day will be your lucky day.

I hope this turns out the way I want & do not receive hate comments. I’m willing to listen others opinion.


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