Cody Simpson’s Concert 

Credits: @amanda.romero97

There are several artist that we love and would pay anything to meet them. Well Cody Simpson is one of my favorite artist since his first song was released. I’ve been following him through all his journeys and his different type of music. I actually had the oportunity to go to a Cody’s Simpson concert. I had Meet & Greet tickets and my guy best friend was my company.

It was a Friday night, we were arriving to the place the concert was taking place, we entered and made a line so we can have our turn to have our Cody Simson photo and our signed album or poster. I was really excited to meet him. When it was our turn to be with him I started shaking. I was so nervous. Despite that, the Meet & Greet experience was pretty awesome. It’s was quite short, but that little amount of time was extremely exciting. I had the opportunity to talk with him for several minutes. He signed my “Free” album, and I took a picture with him.

After the Meet & Greet, the concert took like 30 minutes to start. We were on the third row. So I was seeing him like really really close. The music was amazing, he was singing those beautiful songs. The crowd was singing as well. I really had a great time. The concert was amazing. It lasted like an hour and a half. But the feeling of seeing one of your favorite artist on stage is wordless.

I really loved my experience during the concert and the Meet & Greet. I would definitely repeat it again. At the end of it I bought some merch and left with a lot of satisfaction. It has been my favorite concert so far. Thanks daddy for the tickets!


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