Fitness Journey

I’m a lazy person. I’m not a working out girl. I prefer to lay on bed while I’m watching some Netflix and eating junk food. Unfortunately, that’s not as healthy as I would like it to be. During summer I’m trying to get out of my comfort zone, and try new things. Including exercising at least 3 times a week. I am a beginner, don’t judge lol.

I’m not a fitness guru or something like that. I just did a little research about exercises that were favorable for my type of body and some healthy meals that could help me through the journey. I watch a lot of Youtube videos, where I found pretty easy and healthy meals, also my routines are from there as well.

I have a treadmill on my room which is really helpful and my house has a little backyard where I can do my workout. I bought a little yoga mattress and some weights as well. My routine is simple. I’m not a big fan of exercise, so my workout is not that hard.

The first two weeks I did cardio and some beginners exercises with an app called Workout For Woman: Fitness App, which is a very helpful app and it’s free. The third week I started with the Youtube videos workouts and some Hiit cardio. The fourth week I combined the previous exercises and this week I am going to do the same thing.

The videos I use are from a Youtuber called Patry Jordan, she is an amazing person who publishes fitness videos in her GYM VIRTUAL channel. She also has a webpage where you can download her fitness calendar and follow your own journey or you can combine her videos and make your own routine.

Another Youtuber that I get my routines from is Nicolettaxo who has a beauty channel. She uploads tons of videos every single week and all of them are incredibly helpful.

And last but not least, my healthy recipes are from Remi Ashten. She is a youtuber as well, and her blog is about healthy lifestyle and beauty. Her recipes are delicious and easy to make.

Pinterest is an app that can help you get a lot of inspiration. I’ve been using it for a long time now and I always find what I want or need. You can check some recipes or workouts that I’ve save so far and try them or pin them.

This is my fitness journey, I hope you find the videos helpful. But if you want me to make a post where I include the exact video and cardio time that I’ve been doing each day or along the week, let me know on the comments below.

I leave you a quote from Nike, it really inspires!





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