My First Year of College

I’ve already finished my first year at college. There have been a lot of experiences and good memories so far. I’ve learned a lot through this journey, such as personal and career stuff.

To be honest the first time that I was heading of there I was pretty nervous, it was going to be a completely new experience. But for my fortune most people tend to be kind and care about their own business. Which for me is pretty amazing.

Along the year I’ve made really good friends. I’ve been able to experience the outdoors and some things that I had never tried before. My schedule was not that hard to follow, I only had six classes and some scholarship service. I had time for myself and my friends too.

As we all know college is one of the best time of our lives, where we make those unbreakable friendships and to be honest I really believe that. I’ve met amazing people, that has been there for me whenever I needed. In my worst and my best. Maybe I’m talking to early but let’s pray that it keeps that way.

I live in a dorm with some roomies. It is a completely different experience, cause I’ve never had to share anything at all (with strangers). In the dorms we need to try our hardest to not annoy the other roomies and respect each other, but as all you know there’s always some people that do not understand that. So it has been not that hard, but a little bit annoying tbh.

I’m studying finances. My classes have been very helpful. I’ve learned a lot, basic stuff of course, but I need to start from the bottom, right? Anyway, I’m really liking my career so far. It’s very interesting and I really enjoy learning all those financial terms and making those economic graphics.

The hardest thing of all was learning how to cook, how to make laundry and wash the dishes. I tend to be lazy, so at home I didn’t helped my mom with those things, but after I head off to college I needed to learn to do all of that. Anyways I think I’m doing a pretty good job so far.

To finish up my resume of my first year of college. I think that I’ve learned how to be independent, trying doing all my stuff that is needed without mom was really hard at the beginning but as the time passes by, it gets easier and I really like it. Cause I know that I’m preparing myself for the future. And at the end the only one that is going to be benefiting for that it’s me.


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