Dear: Lost Friend 

Many things can change in a day, in an hour or in few minutes, we don’t know what’s gonna happen next, who we are going meet or who is going to forget about us.

Everything that happens it’s because of a reason, I would love to know the truth about almost every single word you used to say. I just want to know if all those conversations were real or just a part of your show.

I have to be honest with you, sometimes when I don’t have anything to do, I just look back to those days when we spent a lot of time together, told each other lots of things, joke around everything and even when we made future plans, those which were extremely crazy I have to admit, I miss you like a lot, but I can’t keep begging for you to come back when clearly you don’t want to.

I may have lost one of my best friends, but I can say that every single minute I spent with you was one of the best, even though the fights, the crying nights and the hard times and I don’t regret anything about it.

I wish you the best I can, I don’t want to leave you behind, but babe I have to, it’s for the best, I wish we could get back to those days, but sometimes not everything we wish comes true, be safe and care about you, cause I won’t let you come back to my life again.

Sincerely, the girl you used to call best friend.

“It’s going to be hard, but hard it’s not impossible”



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