Relationship Status: Unknown


Sometimes we don’t choose who will be our first kiss, who we will be in love with, who will make our world disappear, sometimes it can be a stranger come out of nowhere, sometimes it can be a friend, sometimes it can be our best friend.

While you’re thinking about someone else, just a guy, the guy with the one you talk at night, the one you think is the one, you’re not noticing that your best friend, with the one that you spend most of the time is actually in love with you.

For me, it’s incredibly difficult to think about my best friend as a boyfriend, btw he kissed me, and I’m still trying to figure how to forget it, I don’t want to lose him cause I really love him so much, but thinking about the fact of the kiss I can barely think about him.

What am I supposed to do? What if I actually like him back? What if I still have feelings for the other guy? What will happen if I give my best friend a chance, would it be a good option or I’ll be ruining everything we have?

Maybe I’ll just have to wait until something comes along to my mind & makes me realize what should I do through this mess.


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