I’m stuck in the middle 

Why I still miss you? It was supposed that I was already over you, but now, now that apparently you don’t have a compromise I just don’t know what happened, I still think and talk and dream about you!
I don’t know if what we had was actually something real or just the game I was playing but then it just turned out that I actually like you.

I’m stuck in the middle, in one hand it’s my best friend, the one who kissed me, and then there’s you, a guy who just appeared out of nothing and started something that makes me feel butterflies on the stomach, I know that maybe we’ll never be together but man I still have a little of hope that you’re gonna talk to me one day, btw I’m confused now, how can I decide what I want? It’s just a lot and what if you’re really over me, and it actually was just a joke, I can’t be repeating the same story all over again, cause when I fall for someone, I can’t think about anyone else but him…


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