Today I was just laying in my bed and start seeing Awkward, an extremely great TV show by the way, it sometimes helps me to realize some things that happen in my life, all those awkward situations… at the end of the 7th episode I just shut down my laptop and grab my phone and start typing to this guy, explaining a bunch of the dumbest things we did, I don’t know how a TV show can give me the courage I needed to say what I think or feel, I’m just shaking right now, because this was so awkward, and maybe I’ll regret about it, but for now I feel FREE, saying all those things are such a satisfying feeling I can’t even believe I really did it. I’m literally laughing out loud without any reason, maybe that’s all I really needed to tell him how I felt & my thoughts about us.



  1. Yeah I know right! But to be honest it helps me a lot, that way I can learn from her mistakes. I know those writers are genius or something, they actually understand all the awkward situations we can be through. Yeah actually we’re good, thanks 💕


  2. I LOVE AWKWARD! Its the most relatable series I’ve ever watched, and thoughout all the series I’ve felt it described my life completely, and even now I see it predicted some things I never thought would happen. I don’t know how the writers did it, but they’ve achieved something great that could inspire millions of teenagers! I hope everything went well with that guy too xD

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