Stressed Out

We all have this days when we don’t know how to feel, we have a lot of stuff around our head, everything is just not going in our way, times passes us by & we don’t even notice about it, we are so occupied trying to fix our feelings, our thoughts, our little messed up world that we forget about living, we spend so much time thinking about what would life be if we’ve done something different, but the truth is that we can’t fix what we did, past is just right there, in the past, it’s GONE & we just have to get over it, no matter how hard it is to.

I’ve been waken up lots of nights trying to figure out things from my life, but to be honest the only thing I can do is just stare at the roof & imagine the life which I would rather prefer to have, ruining all my sleeping schedule out for nothing.

I know that at some point all this stuff sucks, but we have to stop willing for things we can’t have, let’s focus on things that actually matters. Yeah, we lost a lover, we’ll find a new one, we lost a friend, if he/she was a real one they would not leave us, we lost a scholarship, work harder & show them you’re better than that, been a teenager can be devastating sometimes, but crap we have to get up, wash our faces and show the world what are we made of, if we just cry all day and night, we’re just showing how sensitive we are and belive it or not we’re actually giving up & letting them win.

Facing things can be a hurtful process but at the end we’ll see a great result & nothing will be more satisfying than realising how much you’ve done and achieved during those whole years of effort and those late nights with coffee cups beside our beds.

Life can give us lots of punches on the stomach, but at the end we learn about those & all of our mistakes are the things that makes us who we are now, we learn from them & we expect not to repeat them, cause we’re all humans & we totally have the right to mess up things, make mistakes, but mostly to realize that we are more than just a simple word or action or name or whatever, because we are awesome just the way we are.


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