Reading Open Our Minds

Books, millions and millions of books around the world about different topics, with different stories and all I can say is that at first I thought that it was an extremely boring activity, yeah, I thought that all the time, but recently a friend recommended me some books and challenged me to read them, she LOVES reading by the way, so I accepted the challenge.

At the end of the day she gave me the books so I could read them without buying them, it was a friday night when I started with it. I kept reading and reading till it was almost midnight, I never thought I could be able to read that much in just one night, next day I did the same, and on Sundays morning I realized that I had already finished the book  and it was amazing, for my luck there were 5 more to read, so I finished buying them and reading them all.

Why I share this? Well, I think that most of us don’t like reading that much, but by now I can tell you that reading can help you understand some things that happen in your life, sometimes you can relate to those amazing stories, and even though they are fictional ones, lovely ones or even supernatural ones, they let you discover a different and completely new world, something that may not be real, but make you believe it is.

Books give you another chance to live, they let you discover what is like to be another person, the way it could be if you change a simple thing on your schedule, being part of a group or something else, it also helps to increase our level of comprehension and our points of view, I’m not saying that we should be reading machines, but reading at least one book a month or a year can help in some way, take a chance to discover by yourself how a book can make you feel better, and show you another way to enjoy life without even leaving your bed.




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